Thank You Lola Wright Foundation!

It is sadly rare that citizens with developmental disabilities get positive attention for something they have personally produced, or define themselves as skillful and engaged members of society. So when one of our Arc of the Arts students stands next to an amazing painting they have created, beaming with deserved pride, and says, “Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I’m an artist,” we, they, their parents, this community, are all really “feeling the love” for The Lola Wright Foundation generous donation to the Arc of the Arts Program in 2009.

The Lola Wright Foundation has been a faithful investor in the lives of Central Texas families struggling with the challenges of raising a child with a developmental disability. The Arc of the Arts Traber Studio and Cool Family Gallery is one of many services that make The Arc of the Capital Area, and this community, a jewel in the crown of Texas. Austin sets the pace in so many arenas, and this program is definitely a national pacesetter, but we couldn’t do it without the support of the community. Thank You!

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