The Magical Story of Nancy

Photo, left to right: Mary Hearne Umstattd, Janey Hearne Umstattd, Grace Doyle, Nancy Doyle and Dick Doyle

Mary Hearne Umstattd and Arc of the Arts artist Nancy Doyle grew up together in the same neighborhood in Austin, TX.  Mary remained close to Nancy’s sister, Frances Doyle, but unfortunately lost touch with Nancy about 40 years ago.  On June 10th, 2010, Mary and her daughter Janey volunteered for the first time at the Arc of the Arts as part of the National Charity League.  Although Mary had not seen Nancy for over 40 years, she recognized her immediately, explaining that Nancy looks like her mother.  Nancy and Mary spent this special day telling stories and reminiscing about their shared childhoods while creating art in The Arc’s Traber Art Studio. A week later Nancy’s parents, Grace and Dick Doyle, came to the studio and were able to reconnect with Mary and her daughter Janey.  It was a magical moment, and a wonderful treat for us to see them reunite after 40 years!

3 thoughts on “The Magical Story of Nancy

  1. I first met Nancy Doyle in 1987 when I moved to Austin from Louisiana. I can truly say that she is just about the most intuitive, intelligent, and talented person with whom I have ever had the pleasure of becoming friends in my forty eight years of life so far. Nancy is always entertaining, never dull, can surprise you and delight you in so many ways… I am so pleased that others now get to enjoy her genius and beauty!

  2. Nancy I am so proud of you!! Your painting s are so pretty, I’ve shown them to all my friends and they cant believe you painted them!
    Lots of Love,
    COCO 😀

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