Music Tuesdays!

Photo: Nicole singing along to Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller.

Every Tuesday the Arc of the Arts studio is transformed into an energetic performance space, where clients are encouraged to express themselves through song, dance, and storytelling.  Art instructor Andrew brings his guitar and leads the clients in popular sing-a-longs, and also provides a musical base to their original songs and stories.

Photo: Wendy and Elizabeth performing for the class.

Recently volunteers Wendy Murphy and Elizabeth Warren performed as a musical duo.  Wendy and Elizabeth have taught the class about different instruments, as well as various musical styles, such as the jig, polka, march and waltz.  The clients love practicing the dance steps that accompany each style, and are always eager to learn more.

Photo: Rick gettin’ his groove on!

Andrew and the clients are currently experimenting with recording their original music and stories, and they hope to be able to post their projects soon!

Photo: Chris, Andrew, and Stephen doing the robot.

We are always seeking more volunteers and practicing musicians to join us on music Tuesdays. If you love to sing, dance, and have fun, we’d love to have you!

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