Thank You NetSpend!

NetSpend is not forgetting to spread the wealth in their communities. As part of their annual meeting, NetSpend surprised their employees with a “Pay It Forward Day” of service. The company was split into groups of 10. Their task: to bring as much money and resources as possible to the non-profit they were assigned within a 4-hour time period.

NetSpend employees raised almost $16,000 for The Arc and committed to a year of volunteering. They were able to secure $8,900 in cash pledges, $5,341 in in-kind supplies, and to top it off they commissioned a piece of artwork to commemorate their very successful day of giving.

Thank you so much for this HUGE contribution!

One thought on “Thank You NetSpend!

  1. To My Amazing Artists Friends in Austin,

    How is everybody doing at the studio? I can only imagine the fantastic creations you have been doing lately.

    I am so excited to see the beautiful photo spread of Andrew & Maureen, and Danielle, Becca, and Taylor in the Austin Statesman Parties Section. It looks gorgeous. And I’m so glad to know that you’re getting the recognition for your hard work and dedication. It shows you as the Shining Stars you really are:)

    Life in Northern California has been very sweet… AND I miss you guys very much. I sure hope to make a visit in March to Austin and to the Art Studio to see my friends. Until then…

    Sending a big air hug to you guys,

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