Getting Into the Holiday Spirit

We are getting into the holiday spirit here at the Arc of the Arts Studio and Gallery today! Many artists are working on creating unique holiday ornaments while others are making holiday-inspired paintings. Also, we are getting super excited for the opening of our Pop Art Exhibition tonight from 6-8pm. We are currently working to get all of the finishing touches on the gallery ready for tonight’s happening (See previous post for more info!). In addition to showing our artists’ pop art-themed paintings, we will be debuting our new line of holiday cards and art mugs that are for sale in our new Zazzle online shop! TODAY ONLY there is a sale for 75% off all holiday cards online using the coupon code JINGLESALE46!!!

Above photo: One of our gracious volunteers helping our artists make Christmas ornaments!

Above photo: Nick working on miniature Christmas trees

Above Photo: Instructor Jessica critiquing Rodney’s ornament

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