Thanks For Coming To The Show!!

This year’s fashion show was a huge success!  Anyone who was at last year’s show knew it was not to be missed and this year exceeded the expectations.  An outstanding performance from all of The Arc of The Arts artists and other models was the highlight of the show as they walked/danced/strutted down the runway to music.

Thanks to Niles Patel and his staff for allowing the use of Nuvola for the event.  One of the reasons for the success was all of the support and time put into the show by many volunteers who helped with setting up and taking down, fixing hair, makeup (thanks Summer and her team!),  hosts (thanks Ed Clements and Michelle Valles!) musical performances (thanks Cheryl Kaderli and her band!), Leonardo for his fantastic fashion counseling,  numerous supporters, and of course the 200+ attendees who came to support The Arc of The Capital Area!  Thanks to all the staff and interns who guided us throughout the night.

The Arc of The Arts artists made a video for the event and due to technical difficulty we couldn’t play it that night but wanted to share with everyone, enjoy! (turn up the speakers!)

7 thoughts on “Thanks For Coming To The Show!!

  1. It truly was a FANTASTIC night…well worth the plane ticket to Austin to see Emily and all her fellow artist friends. And this is a FANTASTIC video too. Our family is totally grateful to the Arc of the Arts and all the people who make it possible. (I just wish it was in Amarillo…LOL)

  2. Wow – what a fun night – Andrew this video is steller I love it. Thank you Arc of the Arts Staff you are the very best, how did we get so lucky to have the best staff, the best clients and the best volunteers!!

  3. Was a great honor to participate on such a wonderful venue and I an thankful to be from now on part of The ARC of the Arts Studio & Gallery family. I love you guys see you all pretty soon…. XOXO

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