Working for Common Ground

Liz & Ann at What Social Justice Means to Me Art Show

The Arc of the Arts very own Liz M. participated in the What Social Justice Means to Me Art Show and performance last night. The event was put on by The School of Social Justice at University of Texas. It was all about celebrating social justice through the arts. Liz displayed her artwork and read the following personal statement:

Working for Common Ground

I believe in making a difference for others. A goal that I have is to become a leader and maybe a counselor. I could at least shed some light for the purpose of helping others. I believe in peace and justice so much that I am able to work for it, make a change in the lives of others.

My Dad works for the Permian Basin Area Foundation as president and chief executive officer and my Mom used to work as a nurse, so I want to work for helping others in need as a social worker or a mediator. This is my common ground.

We all need to fight for our freedom and believe in ourselves. I believe in social justice which means the fair and proper administration of laws conforming to the natural law that all people despite their difference; gender, race ethnic origin, religon, or how old they are be treated equally and without prejudice!

We all need to learn our lessons that formed America. But I have seen the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial service and I felt the pulse and purpose of freedom and equality to follow and be part of the Civil Rights Movement. I can understand that everyone has the right to make it happen and be fair. I have a dream today.


One thought on “Working for Common Ground

  1. Liz, I totally support your efforts to help others through social justice in conjunction with The Arc of the Arts. You are an inspiration to me personally …. I can only imagine how many lives you will touch in this endeavor.
    Good job … and I am proud to be your friend.

    Larry Haggard
    Midland, Texas

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