A Collective Poem and Improv

After a long winter break, The Arc of The Arts has been hard at work to get more information and awareness to friends and family as to what we’re up to during classes.  We’ll continue to put up videos and photos of artwork and lessons, as well as skits we’ve been working on with our new fancy GREEN SCREEN!!  We are  living in the era of fancy special effects and The Arc of The Arts doesn’t plan on being left behind!

The current art lesson is focusing on perspective, specifically one point perspective.  Expect a video soon with details on what we’ve been working on including client examples!

During our Tuesday class, a group was led by instructor Sharon to create an original poem.  A discussion was held in which clients decided how the mood of the poem would affect the background music.  Sarah happened to bring her flute in and Ben is quite a drummer.  Patrick and Ben decided to act as readers.

If you have trouble viewing the video, the poem is as follows:

Rain falls, flowers grow,

Grass, trees and fruit,

The melodies of music are,

Constantly in my head,

On a summer day on a boat ride,

In a canoe, followed by a swan.

We also started up a skit session in which Andy and Stephen decided to perform some improv, here is the result:

2 thoughts on “A Collective Poem and Improv

  1. I love the Collective Poem arrangement! Great job Patrick and Ben! Their words and the music truly bring life to the art.

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