Happy Valentine’s Video!

It’s Valentine’s Day and it just so happens that we’ve finished editing our first round of skits and episodes for everyone to watch!

Thanks to everyone who offered support if we made it to the final round of Toshiba’s Help the Helpers contest.  We’re looking forward to putting another video together for a fundraising opportunity in the next month or so since we didn’t get into the final round for Toshiba.  In the meantime we’ve updated our wish list and if there’s anything on the list you’d like to help us out with, please contact us at The Arc of The Arts (512) 524-2371.

We’ve started a new variety show and would love everyone’s suggestions on what to name the show!  It’ll continue to be a variety show similar to this video, we just want a fun title besides “The Arc of The Arts Variety Show”.  Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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