The Class Recommends: Music

Kevin recommends listening to Midnight City by M83.  “Even though they’re hard to hear, I like the lyrics”

“Midnight City” is a song by French electronic music band M83. The track was first released in France on August 16, 2011.  Gonzalez’s observations of Downtown Los Angeles at night helped inspire “Midnight City”‘s lyrics. Gonzalez created the song’s opening riffs by heavily distorting his own voice. The song ends on a saxophone solo played by Fitz and The Tantrums’ James King.  Regarding the solo, Gonzalez said: “Sometimes a song needs an element to be finished. You know that this element has been overused in the past and is considered cliched or cheesy, but the song needs it.”

Roane recommends listening to New Divide by Linkin Park.  “It’s cool, there’s a lot of energy.”

The song is released as a single and was recorded specifically for Michael Bay’s film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.  It is one of the few songs to top the US Rock Songs, Modern Rock Tracks and Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks at the same time.  Mike Shinoda first alluded to “New Divide” on March 28, 2009, stating “We’ve been working on a new song in the past couple of weeks that has been a lot of fun. The backdrop for the song is built on layered, heavy synths and a sharp performance by [the band’s drummer] Rob Bourdon.”

One thought on “The Class Recommends: Music

  1. I love the Midnight City info. You could also add that Morgan Kibby wrote the lyrics. Maybe Kevin should talk to her! 🙂

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