JOWLS! …plus film festival

Here is the feature length version of JOWLS!

A shortened version of JOWLS will be played during the 3rd Annual Disability From Real to Reel Film Festival.  JOWLS will be screened at the Dougherty Arts Center on Saturday, September 15th.  The time slot for JOWLS is from 10am-noon.

The Dougherty Arts Center is located at 1110 Barton Springs Road,  Austin, TX 78704
If you’d like to see more films, the festival runs from September 14th-15th, it is FREE, and includes both local and international works.  Here is the lineup:

Friday, Sept 14 7pm-9pm

No More Nukes (5 min)

It’s a Blind Chick Thing (20 min)

Cooking with Brain Injury (10 min)

Rudely Interrupted (60 min)

Saturday, Sept 15 10am-noon

The Great MouseTales (12 min)

Anything You can Do (7 min)

Titanic (11 min)

JOWLS (10 min)

Flying Anne (21 min)

The Greatest Show On Earth (24 min)


Friending with Brain Injury (12 min)

The Eighth Day (112 min)


Zut-Alors, animation (10 min)

Face of Our Fear (51 min)

Scarlet Road (70 min)

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