Arc of the Arts at Alamo Drafthouse!

good bad ugly text

The Arc of the Arts is proud to announce that our most recent movie, The Good, The Bad and The Sleepy, has been accepted into the Lights. Camera. Help. Film Festival and will be premiered at the Village Alamo Drafthouse located at 2700 West Anderson Lane on Saturday, August 17th.  Tickets are on sale now and the movie will play on the final day of the 3-day film festival.

If you are interested in purchasing tickets, click on the above link or copy the following into your web browser:

Over the past few months, the Tuesday film and music class have been hard at work writing the script, working on acting lessons, and filming The Good, The Bad and The Sleepy, but Tuesday classes have not been the only students hard at work.  During art classes, the students have been creating props for the movie set including a miniature western town and saloon doors that are frequently entered throughout the film.  The basis for the movie is this:

During a time of coffee prohibition in the town of Sleepy Creek, the “Bad Brew Crew” will do just about anything to get a cup of joe. The crew is led by the determined “Sarsaparilla Kid,” who has never even tasted a drop of coffee. Together they plot to kidnap the town’s sweetheart, Penelope, to lure the Sheriff out of Moonbucks, where a local barista has hidden a secret stash of java. Filled with adventure, romance, and a little bit of dancing, this silent film is sure to make you smile.

Here are a few screenshots from our short film The Good The Bad and The Sleepy.

The heroes Bean and Cowboy Joe

The heroes Bean and Cowboy Joe

Bean and Cowboy Joe make a quick decision that could help them in their rescue attempt of Penelope, our damsel in distress!

Villains The Sarsparilla Kid and The Cola Kid

Villains The Sarsaparilla Kid and The Cola Kid

How can it be a classic silent western without somebody getting tied to the railroad?

The Coca Cola Kid being menacing

The Cola Kid being menacing

In case you didn’t notice from the photo, Neal’s character is pretty tough.

If you’ve been curious about our film and acting program led on Tuesdays, we’ve made an easy way to navigate to our finished skits and films.  Just click on VIDEOS along the top of the website.  Here we have videos such as “The Arc Variety Show” episodes 1 and 2, the feature length movie JOWLS, behind the scenes featurettes from JOWLS, painting videos, and more!

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