Art of the Week: “Yoga Lady Relaxing at the Pool”

Today, we are happy to introduce the first in a new series of blog posts. Each Friday, we will be posting our pick for Art of the Week, a  piece that impressed us, inspired us, made us think, or made us laugh.  Just one more reason to TGIF!

Title: “Yoga Lady Relaxing at the Pool”

Artist: LaDonna L.

After several years away from the Arc, LaDonna L. recently returned to class. Boy, are we glad to have her back! Her paintings have always been bright and imaginative, but her recent discovery of acrylic paint markers has taken her art to a new level. Her outlines have become bolder, her patterns more intricate. “Make it pop” is pretty much her motto as an artist. A great example of this new, bold style, “Yoga Lady Relaxing at the Pool” is our first Art of the Week. Here is what LaDonna had to say about the piece: “It’s a neat picture. She’s outside sunbathing and it’s very hot. I like to have fun doing my artwork. It makes me proud of myself.” Welcome back, LaDonna!

Week 1_LaDonna L.

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