Art of the Week: “My Wildflowers”

Title: “My Wildflowers”

Artist: Jillian K.

A lover of wildflowers, Jillian spends her days in the studio meticulously rendering her favorite subject, dividing her time between building wire and clay sculptures and painting. When she paints,  Jillian works slowly and deliberately, adding petal by petal onto her canvas until a gorgeous field of blooming flowers appears. “My Wildflowers” was chosen as the Art of the Week because it showcases  Jillian’s remarkable eye for texture, color, and detail. Of her piece, Jillian said, “These are all kinds of flowers—bluebonnets, cosmoses, red poppies, pink buttercups, and Indian paintbrushes. I hope people are excited when they look at my painting.”

Week 3_Jillian K.

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