Art with iPad

Kevin has found an interest in digital illustration.  He began using the classroom iPad several weeks ago as an aid in adding flat color to his drawings.  His most recent piece is of Tommy, the multi-colored-suit-wearing Power Ranger.  In this piece, Kevin went with the White Ranger version of Tommy.  The end result will be a printed image filled with brilliant color and sharp outlines.  To get an idea of how Kevin approaches his art, here is a quick look at his process:

Step 1:  Use a reference image to make a sketch of Tommy and his background headquarters.  Photograph this with the iPad and upload into Photoshop.

Step 2:  Add a basic background color (red).

Step 3:  Add some basic color to Tommy.

Step 4:  Add in some energetic white streaks.

Step 5:  Falcon Zord and color adjustment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photoshop is a dense program.  Here is a basic explanation of what aspects of the program are being utilized:

“Photoshop works in layers.  You can think of these as layers of tracing paper (which is see though).  Like tracing paper, you can have one sheet that has outlines of a character (A), one sheet that has all the color for the character (B), and another sheet that has the background color (C).  Since it is tracing paper, if you add all 3 pieces on top of each other, you can still see all the layers.”

update 10/10/13 : Kevin has printed his piece and is ready for the actor’s signature in the designated green box!

kevin with print

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