Art of the Week, Halloween Edition

Titles: “Spooky Werewolf” & “Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven”

Artists: Ben A. & Jennifer M.

Halloween is in the air at the Arc, which means that “Thriller” is on repeat on the CD player and our artists have been creating some seriously spooky paintings. There are too many great pieces to choose just one, so this week and next we will be showcasing several paintings as our Art of the Week.

This week, we chose two pieces, Ben A.’s “Spooky Werewolf” and Jennifer M.’s “Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven.” “Spooky Werewolf” is full of bright colors and Halloween tropes: the eponymous werewolf, grinning jack-o’-lanterns,  floating specters, and—our favorite touch—toilet paper hanging from a tree. “Edgar Allan Poe and His Raven,” on the other hand, packs a punch with its dark palette and austere rendering of its subject against a stark black background. For all their differences, we think both capture the spirit (pun intended!) of the holiday.

Stay tuned next week for even more Halloween-inspired art!

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