Art of the Week: “Girl with a Pearl Earring” x 2

Title: “Girl with a Pearl Earring”

Artists: Jennifer M. & Davey K.

As artists, we find inspiration for our work in all sorts of places: the people and the world around us, our own imaginations, and, in some cases, the work of artists who have come before us. Such was the case this week with Davey K., whose take on Johannes Vermeer’s 17th-century masterpiece, “Girl with a Pearl Earring,” is our Art of the Week.

While we adore Davey’s playful representation of Vermeer’s enigmatic subject, we felt remiss not including Jennifer M.’s more painterly interpretation of the same piece, which was featured in last October’s Building Bridges art auction. Both pieces pay homage to Vermeer’s original painting, but are very clearly the work of artists with styles all their own.

Week 14_Davey K. Jennifer M. -Girl with the Pearl Earring

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