Dylan’s Digital Process

Dylan has been developing his style of character study into a form that is now fully his own.  After attending the art program for several weeks, Dylan had already created many colored drawings of heroes from comics, TV shows, video games and movies.  He always makes sure to avoid the villains, no matter how famous or memorable.

Working with staff, Dylan was able to find a way to incorporate many of his drawings into a final image for our art shows.  He did this via learning a step-by- step process within Photoshop.

Photoshop is a powerful tool and an industry standard for many designers, photographers and illustrators.  It is able to bend to countless uses, including Dylan’s superhero collages.

Dylan begins by drawing his character(s) of the day.

Dylan drawings laid outDylan then photographs his drawings with the classroom iPad.

Once all his drawings for the collage are photographed, they are copied onto a computer and Dylan begins importing them and arranging them in Photoshop.  He erases the background from each drawing so that only the characters from his drawings appear in the collage.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After many hours of sizing, cropping and arranging, Dylan’s piece is printed out for display.

Dylan's collages

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