Art of the Week: Necklace by Regina

In addition to being a jewelry maker, Regina M. is a storyteller. The jewelry she crafts is not merely decorative. Rather, each bead that Regina chooses carries a special significance, such that each necklace and bracelet she creates tells a story. This week, Regina finished a new necklace, and here’s what she had to say about what each bead represents:

“This necklace is packed with symbolic representations of Texas. The center piece is a sheriff on his horse, riding through the Texan desert. The orange beads represent heat; the burnt orange beads represent the different shades of the desert; and the burnt red ones are the sheriff’s hats. The stars are the sheriff’s badge, and, more importantly, they are symbols of the Lone Star State. The yellow beads symbolize sunshine, and the white beads are the clouds that hover above on a sunny day. Lastly, the silver beads represent armadillos.”Regina Necklace


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