The Continuing Story of Goldilocks


For this lesson, staff presented the idea of retelling a classic story.  We talked about the recent exposure to new perspectives from stories like Wicked and Maleficent.  One great aspect of creating a lesson is learning more about the subject ourselves.  For instance, did you know that The Lion King has many of the same themes and plot points that are found in Hamlet?  We discussed this revelation along with others during the lesson.

To make the activity a more focused one, the classroom was given Goldilocks and the Three Bears as a base.  Some chose to retell the story, others decided to add to the ending.  We present them here in their original form created by students of the art program:

1.)  The bears ask, “What are you doing here?” Goldilocks apologizes and says she was lost. The bears call her parents to tell them that she is safe, she was just lost. Goldilocks’ family comes to get her and they bring a picnic of hamburgers, fries, and ketchup. Both families eat together and are friends. –Dylan C.

2.)  The bears find Goldilocks in their bed.
“Why did you break into our house?” asked the bears
“I’m poor and I thought there’d be food inside” responded Goldilocks
“Help yourself to more porridge”
“I’ve had a lot of porridge”
“…How about some Lucky Charms?”
Goldilocks takes the Lucky Charms and devours the bowl.
“That tastes soooo good!…I really like it here, can I move in?”
“Sure, I think” says Mama and Papa Bear, “We’re the owners of this house, not the baby.”
“I’m ok with that” says Baby Bear.
While Goldilocks is living out her life with the bears, she receives food stamps and helps with groceries.  -Ali H.  Janna A. and Erin R.

3.)  Three bears are very nice. Goldilocks cleans the house and hopes for a sleepover. And breakfast too. –Lindsey D.

4.)  After going home to find their house in shambles, their food eaten, and their beds askew, the bears search the house not knowing what else to do. Baby bear says, “Let’s search the beds.” So they do and find a golden girl full of dread. So then Papa bear says, “What are you doing here?” Goldilocks just shakes and shivers in fear. Then Mama bear cries,
“You’ve broken one of our chairs,
the kitchen’s a mess,
I’ve slipped on porridge,
and it’s all over my dress.
You’re going to fix this, you wicked thing,
or it’s the jailbird song you’re going to sing.
This will be cleaned up before you leave.
You will fix the chair and forget the porridge, we want honey cakes.
And when you’re done with all that leave this place and never come back!”
Goldilocks did all this quick as a flash
then ran from the house with a jump and a dash,
never looking back
for fear she’d become a grizzly bear snack. –Jessica B.

5.)  When the bears barged in on Goldilocks, she got scared and ran out of the house.  She runs to the woods and gets lost while trying to find her way home!  She is terrified when she sees the bears entering the woods.  “They’re going to eat me!”  she thinks as she hides from the bears.  They walk close to her but pass on by.  “That was close” she thinks.  She continues to look for her house.  Later in the evening, she finds her home!  She goes in and locks the door to keep the bears out.  She’s safe!…for now.  Lesson learned, she won’t wander off or break into houses again.  -David M.

6.)  Goldilocks is eating the porridge. She starts singing the Shirley Temple song “Animal Crackers in My Soup” and Michael Jackson. The bears came home but they weren’t mad at Goldilocks. They start to sing Jackson 5 songs and “Thriller.” The bears and Goldilocks go to Michael Jackson’s house but he is not home, he is at work. When he comes home, HE isn’t mad! He starts to sing. The bears are so excited Michael Jackson is singing with them. –Andy M.

7.)  “Who broke into my house,” asked Papa bear. Then Mama bear found that Baby’s chair was broken.  “Who broke Baby’s chair?!” Papa bear fixed the chair. Then they walked into the kitchen and said, “Who ate all our porridge?” Papa bear goes to the store to purchase fruit for them to eat. Then they walk into the bedroom and ask, “Who’s been sleeping in our beds?” They don’t want to sleep in beds that a stranger has been in so they go next door to stay at their neighbor’s house. After they leave Goldilocks comes back into the bears’ house and sleeps in their beds again. –Thomas L.

8.)  The bears have found Goldilocks in their beds. Mama bears says, “Oh my!” Papa bear says, “What are you doing sleeping in my bed?” Baby bear says, “She broke MY bed!” Goldilocks jumps out of bed and runs away. The bears start to clean up their messy house. First, they clean the kitchen, starting with the dishes covered in porridge. Next, they make the unbroken beds while Papa bear fixes the Baby’s. After cleaning, they leave to go find Goldilocks in the woods. –Susan S.

9.)  Baby bear says, “Who’s that sleeping in my bed?” Papa bear says, “And who ate all my porridge?” Mama bear is upset. She decides to go find out who is in Baby bear’s bed. She tiptoes over to the bed and peeks under the covers. She finds Goldilocks fast asleep. Mama bear shakes Goldilocks to wake her up. Goldilocks opens her eyes and sees the bears. “AHHH,” she shrieks. “You found me!” She leaps up and runs out the door. The bears wave bye-bye. They are happy to have their beds back. They don’t have porridge so they eat honey instead. –Davey K. and Stephen R.

10.)  In the beginning, Mama bear, Papa bear, and Baby bear are all sitting at the table. Then they all decide to go for a walk to get away from the house. Goldilocks comes by and knocks on the door. When she realizes no one is home she decides just to walk right in. She eats their porridge, sits in their chairs, and lays down in their beds. She falls asleep in Baby bear’s bed. She wakes up after a nap and goes to the kitchen to make scrambled eggs. She eats her snack and while she is doing so the bears come home. Goldilocks sees them and runs out of the house—scared out of her wits. Papa bear goes running after her and brings her back. “You’ve been a very bad girl,” Papa bear says. “You better fix poor Baby bear’s chair.” But she refuses. Goldilocks says, “I’m sorry for what I’ve done but I don’t know how to fix chairs.” Instead she cooks them an expensive dinner. They forgive her but tell her to never come back to their house again! –Pat K. and Clyde O.

 The following are several stories that broke from routine and were created using different characters from stories outside of Goldilocks and the Three Bears…

11.)  Harry Potter enters the world of Resident Evil: Apocalypse.  He is attacked by zombies and turns into a zombie because of a bite from Nemesis, the leader zombie.  Both Zombie Harry and Nemesis fall off a building onto an oil tanker truck.  The end.  -Kevin J.

12.)  Batman went to Boston to meet the Joker.  When he arrived at Joker’s house, the Joker ran down the stairs into the basement.  He and Batman sat around and danced in the basement before having fun outside on the jungle gym with the monkey bars and swing.  The slide was Batman’s favorite.  Joker enjoyed jumping on the trampoline.  Batman and the Riddler try out the flying trapeze and do flips while Joker dances around the campfire with a water hose and puts out the fire.  -Emily D.


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