Students As Teachers

We’re adding something new to the curriculum in the studio- students teaching art lessons to the rest of the class. There’s such a wealth of knowledge and talent amongst the artists and this allows them to share ideas and skills with one another. It is also an exercise in explicating their own artistic process and talking about their work in a more formal way. So far, we’ve been very impressed by the poise and creativity of their presentations!

Students who are interested in trying their hand at teaching pair up with one of the instructors to brainstorm a style, technique, or medium in which they excel. They then work alongside staff to create a slideshow guide on the iPad to use as a visual explanation of the steps their pupils will take to complete the activity. Students present their lesson and assist their classmates through the process.

One of the most exciting aspects of this new format is the enthusiasm and participation the artists show one another. We’re eager to see what they teach us next!

We’ve created a new page where you can view the lessons HERE.

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