The Rosedale School Comes to The Arc

The Arc of the Arts couldn’t be more excited about piloting our new partnership program with The Rosedale School and their TLC project. Every Monday this semester a small group of students will be joining art studio staff Lucy and Ann, along with some of the school’s own teachers and aides in The Arc’s classroom. The Arc of the Arts will provide daily art lessons as well as the chance for students to engage in the open-studio experience in the same way our own artists do. The pilot is a chance for students to practice new techniques and begin to unearth their own voice and vision as artists. The Arc will be documenting their progress and the adaptive art lessons and tools used to support Rosedale’s young artists.

As an introduction to the studio, the instructor set up four different art “stations.” The new students were encouraged to explore any or all of the different mediums which included collage, drawing, rubber stamps, and watercolor paint. This was a great opportunity for The Arc of the Arts’ staff to see the different students’ skill levels and areas of interest and for the students to have a chance to try out new techniques. We were very impressed with their level of focus and willingness to experiment. At the end of the class period, staff showed each students’ work and briefly talked about the materials they used, the mood of the piece, introduced some basic terminology (mixed media, warm and cool colors), and encouraged the students to give feedback to their peers. The Arc of the Arts believes that the act of critique and reflection, both from staff and students, is invaluable to the process of artmaking.
Take a look at some of the pieces created by the students during week one and check back on our blog for weekly updates on these burgeoning artists!


Colored Pencil Drawing

Colored Pencil Drawing

Marker Drawing

Marker Drawing

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