Art Through Movement With The Rosedale School

Week 4

This week we split the class into two activities, both looking at non-conventional painting tools and how movement effects art.

With the first project, the students got to experience how their own motions influenced the patterns on the page. Using golf balls that were covered in paint, the artists tilted and rocked a cardboard box lid with a blank sheet of paper taped to the bottom. For students with more limited movement control, staff taped a piece of paper to the inside of a plastic jug. Once the golf balls were inside and the lid was on, students were able to shake the container. The end result was an exercise in color interactions and kinetic impressions.

The other lesson involved spin-art. We are fortunate enough to have a pottery wheel in the classroom which made this activity even more fun. Students used small squirt bottles to drip paint onto pieces of paper taped to the spinning wheel (which they got to operate!). The kaleidoscopic finished products were all unique and lovely.


Golf ball art


The artists experiment with new painting methods


Spin -art


Adding the finishing touches

image_1 (2)

The finished product

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