Rosedale Art Updates & Bluebonnets Are Back

Weeks Ten and Eleven

It has been awhile since our last blog post about our Rosedale artists, but rest assured that they have stayed busy exploring new mediums and styles. (Here are a few photos of previous weeks)


This week we added on our lesson about landscape and horizon lines. Last week artists painted a landscape and added an animal silhouette along with cutout nature figures. This week instead of adding cutout figures, artists painted spring flowers to their watercolor landscape. Artists were encouraged to use their fingers as paintbrushes and others decided to explore and used sponges and ends of  paintbrushes to paint their beautiful flowers.


This week we created stained glass on paper. Artists were encouraged to create one geometric inspired work, filling in spaces with watercolor paint. After, they graduated onto incorporating more complex subjects to their watercolor stained glass works.


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