Rosedale Pattern Exploration & Mother’s Day Love


Last week our Rosedale artists explored the use of patterns through color, shape, frequency and texture. 2 different projects allowed the students to learn the diversity of patterns and their use in multiple contexts. Students used rubber stamps to make a patterned background before creating “mirrored” Rorschach test paintings by squirting paint onto their paper and then folding in half. Students sorted fuse beads by color and assembled patterns onto their fuse boards. When finished, instructors ironed the fuse beads together using wax paper.


This week, students created Mother’s Day cards to give as gifts. There is nothing a mother loves more than pictures of their child, so we did just that! Teachers photographed and printed pictures of each student. Students then coated the back of the photo with charcoal. With the charcoal side facing the paper, students traced their face and features, pushing the charcoal from the back of the picture to the front of their cards. Students used colored pencils, markers, crayons and stamps to color their portraits as well as decorate the insides of their cards. Happy Mother’s Day!

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