Wrapping up the Year with Rosedale Artists

It’s been a fabulous year working with our artists from Rosedale! Here are our last two lessons to bring you a summer full of inspiration and creation. FullSizeRender1

Our second to last lesson included all things collage, French for “to glue.” Students were encouraged to use 2D and 3D supplies to create stunning collage images. Students used cutting and tearing techniques to isolate and create shapes from scrapbooking paper and magazines. After arranging their compositions in a pleasing way, students adhered their many layers using glue.


This lesson helped students explore the world of collage and its techniques. Composition is practiced by choosing images, arranging, overlapping and adhering.


Our last class together was a fun-filled adventure which we called “Experimental Mediums.” We had students select one of three projects and rotate when finished. The first project was a “shaken” ink abstract piece. Water color paper was placed in a flat box with the small sections of Mardi Gras beads. Students dropped and squirted ink on the paper, shaking the box to spread the ink in patterns before drying. Multiple complimentary colors were added to create blends. Students also blew into straws to direct the flow of the ink.


Project two required a metal tray lined at the bottom with a layer of shaving cream, mixed with glue. Students once again dropped ink on the top layer and then used a paintbrush handle to create swirls and designs. Students then gently pressed their paper into the mixture, creating incredible reverse images.


The final project utilized the glue and shaving cream mixture in a new way. Students sculpted with this experimental medium creating 3d works of art on paper with lots of layers, texture and build up.

Thanks again for a great year, wishing you all an art filled summer!!

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