Welcome Back Rosedale Students!

We are so excited to have our Rosedale students back in the studio! This group of familiar faces and new comers are already creating some great art that we can’t wait to share. New this semester is incorporating opportunities to explore and learn about digital media. Each week, students will learn an art technique and then take it a step further by exploring the idea through digital media arts.  So far this year we have been both models and digital photographers, manipulated images, created short animation and even got to travel to space via the green screen. Stay tuned for videos and more graphic design!

Week One – Landscape Composition

Rosedale students used acrylic paint to establish horizon lines in their landscapes. Students practiced their painting techniques and blended multiple blues and greens to define their skies and grass. To finish it off, the artists painted and stamped various types of flowers growing out of their paintings. What a fun and great way to learn landscape composition!

Flowers by Sophie

Digital Media Component –

After the students learned about landscapes and placement of an object within their compositions, we explored the way technology can do this with digital photography, the green screen and the power of transformation through Photoshop software. Student’s posed in front of the green screen while another student snapped a picture. Then an instructor worked with them to place them into an environment that matched their costume. Below is Elijah transported to a mountain top!

Elijah Green Screenelijah on the mountain

Week Two – Fall Collage

Artists engaged in learning beautiful collage techniques! Students tore paper with their hands, cut paper with scissors and used paper punches to create shapes. Instructors provided warm fall colors as a way of introducing color theory. Students were encouraged to go from big to small when laying out their subjects and try to incorporate overlap or framing techniques. After planning their compositions, the students glued all their pieces together to create beautiful fall collages.

Fall Collage by Angie

Digital Media Component –

Week two the class continued to work on digital photography skills. We took photos of the artwork, classmates and SELFIES!! Using the IPad, we used a couple of apps to explore digital photo manipulation.

IMG_0107 IMG_0110 IMG_0115 IMG_0150

Week Three – Monster Collage

Tis’ the season for monster collages! To spring board off of last week, students used collage to create large central subjects, in this case monsters, and to use small pieces to create features and accessories. Monsters made a great subject for our first introduction to portraiture. They also used collage to create backgrounds and adornments. These turned out so good it’s almost scary….

Monster by Samaan

Digital Media Component –

With Halloween right around the corner, scary animations were created with our monster collages. Using the Ipad and the Imotion app, students took turns bringing their works to the animation station, we set the app timer and moved the images around for several shots. The Imotion app processes it into a quick animation. The students were delighted to see their work in motion and so are we!

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