Rosedale in Motion

Our Rosedale students have been hard at work creating some fantastic projects. Arc instructors are thrilled to be combining traditional visual arts, digital media and even the performance arts to help the students express themselves in new, creative ways!

Week Four- Halloween Masks

Rosedale got in the spooky sprit by creating Halloween masks. Artists experimented with dry and wet mediums as well as mixed media such as gems, glitter and feathers to create unique and fun masks. Instructors encouraged artists to take this opportunity to create a character they wanted to dress up as or to display on their wall and to become inspired by the supplies they were provided with.

Digital Media Component – 

Students took turns being photographer and model, posing with their newly created masks.

Week Five- Character Creation

This week, the artists created their own characters using cut paper and dry media supplies such as markers, colored pencils and crayons. Artists were encouraged to think about the personality of their characters, what they might wear or have on them that might inform their character.

Digital Media Component – 

After the artists created several versions of their character in different phases of movement, they photographed them and combined them in sequence to create a “walk cycle.” A walk cycle in a great way for animators to explore character development and gave the Rosedale students a chance to get in touch with their own bodies, style of walking and how movement can inform the development of a fictional character.

Week Six- Stop Motion

This week Rosedale students learned about the art of stop motion film. Artists collected and organized materials in a way they found visually pleasing or to tell a story and took a series of digital photographs as they moved the objects little by little. This gave students the opportunity to learn hands on what it takes to create a stop motion video and how to create natives or stories within them.

Digital Media Component –

Learning a new app available on the iPad called “imotion” the images were combined to make fantastic short films. The students could adjust the duration of each image and control how fast or slow the images cycled through the series.

Week Seven- Live Action Stop Motion

This week the Rosedale students moved from behind the camera to in front of it! Well they took the photos too, so really they did both! Students got to “act” as if they were being sucked into a canvas. They used their bodies to experiment with speed and gesture as they walked towards an empty canvas.  As they reached the canvas the students would “disappear” into the canvas by quickly removing themselves from the next frame. Then an instructor would draw in their shape on the canvas to make it appear like they had been sucked into the painting.

Digital Media Component –

The students directed one another within the frame as they took turns taking photos of each other. Students acted as the photographer as well as directors and ultimately combine all the photos into a super fun video.

Week Eight- Text Animations

With all the videos the Rosedale students have been making, we created animated text and logos to add on to the end of our videos. Students continued to explore the fusion of traditional art and digital media by writing or drawing out their names, decorating them and then animating them in a pleasing way.

Digital Media Component –

Artists used the iPad and iMotion app to apply the stop motion techniques they learned in previous weeks. They made their text come to life by moving their letters little by little and photographing in between. Then the pictures were shown in sequence and the students adjusted the photo duration.

Week Nine – Props!

Rosedale’s artists created props as we plan our first full length film! Students prepared to create animations to narrate a holiday song by building and decorating their own snowflakes. Artists assembled their snowflakes with popsicle sticks, aided in hot gluing and decorated using paint, glitter and gems.

Digital Media Component –

Students are prepping to animate with the snowflakes. They will create patterns and effects using the new stop motion techniques learned in previous weeks.

Week Ten – Props Turned Characters

To complete our holiday movie, students used clay to sculpt “snowpeople” to “perform” in the music video. They used paint and mixed media materials to decorate their sculptures and to give them individual personalities. Sculpting was a great opportunity to practice fine motor skills.

Digital Media Component –

Students built their props and snowpeople with stop motion in mind. They created flexible arms or other means for the sculptures to express themselves within the medium of stop motion.

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