Wrapping it up with Rosedale Adaptive Arts

We’ve had such a great semester with our Rosedale students! Graduation is fast approaching so let’s celebrate our accomplishments in art!

Week 10- Intro to Printing

Students at The Arc have loved learning about screen printing, so it was a no brainier to incorporate these fun and skillful techniques into our Rosedale curriculum. To learn the basics we practiced a debossing technique. Students used sharped pencils to carve unique patterns and images into styrofoam blocks. Besides making a mess of tiny Styrofoam bits our results were phenomenal! Students then rolled their carved blocks with paint. This left white spaces were they had carved in and color where they had not. They then stamped their painted blocks onto paper, creating a beautiful reverse of what they had carved. See the unique texture left by the styrofoam?


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Week 11- Monoprints

This week we explored the art of monoprinting. Unlike other forms of printing, monoprints can only be pressed once, creating beautiful one of a kind works each time. Using ink, artists painted directly on a clear acrylic plate. Moving quickly so the ink won’t dry, artists pressed the plate into paper and the results were gorgeous. We also started preparing a project for the following week to practice projects that take multiple steps over time. Artists dipped yarn into glue and arranged their glue covered string on a piece of cardboard to create a shape or image. Keep reading to find out how this sticky fun mess turned into beautiful works of art.

Week 12- Stamp Making

Last week we left off with sticky hands, but with patience our cardboard and yarn “stamps” were dry and ready for printing. We explained to the students that unlike our styrofoam prints which were debossed or pushed in, these stamps were embossed or pushed out like a traditional rubber stamp. Students rolled their handmade stamps with ink and paint. After pressing into paper we were left with some outstanding works. Artists were encouraged to create a full composition by stamping more than once or using pre-made rubber stamps. This week students learned it is worth the wait when preparing the perfect supplies.

As an extra treat, students got their first taste of screen printing. Using a hand cut stencil and ink, students pulled ink through the screen with a squeegee onto paper. The results had everyone delighted!


Week 13- Profile Prints

This week students got their hands on the well known “screen” of screen printing again! To create their own personalized prints, artists filled a background using watercolor paints with colors, shapes and patterns. Using a digital camera, students photographed one another from the side achieving “profile” shots. After carefully cutting out their profiles with scissors, they laid them onto of their backgrounds. Placing a screen on top,  students pulled black ink through the screens and onto their backgrounds with the layered picture between them. After removing the screen and photo, the beautiful colors of their backgrounds were revealed. The results were bold and personal.


Week 14- Printed Mosaic

Reinforcing techniques from the previous week, students got to create their own screen printed mosaic. Just like the week before students created a colorful background, but this time with dry media such as crayons, marked and colored pencils. We cut out letters of everyone’s names and encouraged students to cut or tear other shapes out of paper. After laying these down in a visually pleasing way onto of their backgrounds, they pulled ink through a screen. After pealing up all the bits of paper, they once again revealed beautiful works of art.

Week 15- Two Color Prints and Leaf Rubbing for Earth Day

Just like on T-shirts, most screen prints are comprised of multiple layers. Students took it to the next level by printing a two color Rosedale Raccoon! One screen contained the shape of the body, while another added accents and details. Being careful to line up the prints perfectly, students used a different color for each print and waited patiently for drying time in between. The results were very professional! As a bonus, we celebrated Earth Day with a crayon “rubbing” technique. Using leaves collected from outside, students laid paper over leaves and rubbed over the top with crayon. This technique revealed the intricate shapes and veins of the leaves. Thank you Mother Earth for the inspiration and supplies!


Weeks 16-18- Independent Study

In our final weeks with the Rosedale artists, we wanted to give them practice working on a project independently and over a greater length of time. Students used Ipads and the computer lab to find reference images and chose a medium. Students painted their images, using concepts learned such as “artistic license” or the ability to change things to their liking, over the three week span. Artists came into their own during this lesson and the results are gallery ready. The students are prepared to create artwork on their own this summer.


Congratulations to our Rosedale graduates! We will miss you and wish you endless creativity, success and happiness.

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