Custom Wax Seals Lesson

This lesson came at the tail end of our unit on letter writing.  Since ordering a custom was seal stamp can cost $65+, we decided to use potatoes.  They make for a great stamp of simple designs.  Single initials and logos work well whereas traditional metal stamps are necessary if you’re looking for a high amount of detail.

We suggest doing multiple “test” seals on a sheet of paper/extra envelope before starting on your final sealed envelope.

Supplies:  While wax is used traditionally, we found that colored hot glue gun sticks work pretty well too (the red stick is the same hue as red wax.)  They also don’t require matches or any other type of flame.  The heat gun that we used can be replaced by a good blow dryer.

Wax Stamp Supplies

Step 1:  Cut your potato in half and carve our your shape or letter with your carving tool (If you’re doing a letter or word, make sure it’s reversed so that it stamps correctly)

Seal lesson 1

Seal Lesson 2

Seal Lesson 3

Step 2:  Choose colored glue sticks or wax

Try on test paper first

Step 3 :

a.   wax- Heat wax with heat gun or match (match causes flame on wax drops so WATCH OUT).  Let the wax drip in a puddle about the size of a nickle in the center of the envelope’s fold overlap.  You can spread the wax into a circular shape with the stick.

Seal Lesson 4

Seal Lesson 5

b.   glue- Squeeze glue gun into a glue puddle about the size of a nickle in the center of the envelope’s fold overlap.

Seal Lesson 6

Step 4:  Push the carved potato into the wax/hot glue puddle and leave for at least 1 minute

Seal Lesson 7

Step 5: Remove potato to see the seal complete!

Seal Lesson 8Seal Lesson 9Seal Lesson 10Seal Lesson 11

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