For those of you who are familiar with websites, you know they can be filled with content that, while important to some, can cause you difficulty in finding your desired information.

Here we’ve compiled a how-to guide to using our website that should answer your questions and will hopefully make navigating easier for you.

Let’s start with the basics.  If you’re wondering:

1. What’s New In The Studio?

The HOME page is the best place to find updates on the studio including new artwork, videos and other news. We update this page often to provide the most current information upfront.  To get to this page, just click “HOME” at the top left of the screen.

2. How Do I Contact The Arc?

Our main contact information is on the HOME page as well but if you want more information, click the CONTACT tab at the top right of the page.  Our phone number is 512-476-7044.

3.  When’s The Next Show?

As a show approaches, we will post information on the HOME page but if you’d like to see the times and dates of all our upcoming shows, click on the EVENTS tab.

4.  How Do I Apply For Enrollment?

Call us at 512-476-7044 and request an application.

5.  How Do I Volunteer?

Hover your mouse over the “GET INVOLVED” tab to find “VOLUNTEER” or click here to be directed to the page.

6.  Where Can I View Artwork Online?

Each artist has their own artist’s page on the site.  To find these, hover your mouse over the ARTISTS tab until a drop-down menu appears, then find the artist alphabetically.

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