Joshua L.


Joshua’s Art Gallery

Joshua has been a member of the studio community since 2009.  From the first day working at the studio, Joshua declared to all that “Art is my life.”  Joshua paints in an abstract style that incorporates bold colors, multiple shapes and layering. He is a productive artist, always thirsty to begin his next piece. He enjoys conveying grand stories with his images, often citing favorite pop culture references as his inspiration.  Joshua’s titles are unique and show his sophisticated sensibilities. He has a way of endearing others into his colorful and imaginative world with his playful and witty humor and his distinctive theatrical presentation.

3 thoughts on “Joshua L.

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  2. we purchased one of Joshua’s painting from the YMCA Southwest about 2 years ago. it is displayed in “boldly” in our kitchen and receives a lot of inquiries from friends and visitors! Are you permitted to share anything about Joshua’s personal story or journey? I would like to inspire others to purchase from the Arc.

    • We are so glad to hear about where one of our artist’s painting has landed! We will past this along to Joshua. Please visit the Artists section of the website to gain some more incite into Joshua and his work. We also appreciate your enthusiasm to share ways that others can support the Arc. Please keep an eye out on our site. We will be announcing details on a big sale and our upcoming art show in the next few days!

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