Marbleizing Swirls

We had a great time with this lesson.  Make sure to check out the video below and follow the written steps to see the process.


-Liquid Starch

-Liquid Acrylic Paint

-Tools: Paintbrush/Wooden Dowel/ Eyedropper

-Tray (a few inches larger than the paper size)

-Texoprint or other marbleizing paper/ Watercolor Paper

-Area to leave paper to dry

Step 1:  Pour the Liquid Starch into your Tray so that it is at least 1/2″ deep

Step 2: Taking your Tool of choice, apply paint to the surface of the Liquid Starch as seen in the video below

Step 3: Swirl the paint in the desired pattern

Step 4: Lightly place the sheet of paper on top of the Paint Pattern you’ve created

Step 5: Let sit for about 30 seconds, then lift off and quickly move to a drying area to let dry overnight

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