Storybook Lesson

We broke this unit into 4 separate lessons that lasted one week each.  (Check out all of the awesome stories by clicking here)

The first week’s lesson was a basic introduction to layouts.  The overall idea was to create a traditional storybook, so the instructors went back into their own memories of favorite stories for examples on how to effectively lay out a page.

During the first week, simple questions such as, “Where does your story take place,” “What does this place look like,” and “Who is in your story” led to some interesting class discussions and brainstorms.  This first week was essential in discovering the storyteller’s focus and path for the next few weeks.


The second week delved deeper into the plot, and the concept of an action/problem that needed to be overcome was addressed.  Staff worked one-on-one with students to resolve the story’s issue in whichever way the student wished, whether it be a very peaceful agreement between characters or an epic battle between forces!

Once the overall plot was devised and recorded, the next week was all about design.  Students looked over each page of their book to decide how each would be presented.

IMG_0625The fourth and fifth week were utilized to physically complete each page and bind the books together with ribbon.  As a way to give more examples and inspiration, instructors projected images from students’ completed pages for others to see.  Additions such as a cover, artist bio, and dedication page were presented and added by intrigued students as an extra layer of depth.

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