Studio & Gallery


The Traber Art Studio

This is the classroom where most of the class time is spent in which clients:

  • participate in check-in, lessons and critiques
  • work on their own original artwork
  • brainstorm film ideas along with plans for artwork
  • store their work, whether it is in progress or complete

The schedule for class is:

  • 10:00 – check in and lesson of the week
  • 10:45 – work on lesson activity and personal artwork
  • 11:30 – lunch begins (divided into two half hour sections)
  • 12:30 – continue to work on personal art
  • 1:30 – classroom clean up and critique
  • 2:00 – end of class

The above times apply to Art Classes (Wed-Sat).  Film and Music Class (Tues) is similar, but film and music activities replace the art and there is no lesson or critique.

During openings, this space is used to display artwork alongside the gallery.

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The Cool Art Gallery

After holding a critique with staff, a student’s finished piece of art makes its way to the gallery.  Completed artwork and crafts are displayed on a bi-monthly schedule for openings.  The gallery shows off the most current work by the artists and includes all manner of mediums.


Animation Station

Students interested in creating animation shorts or smaller sections in a movie use this area for stop motion animation.

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Framing Station

In a room that links the studio to the lunch area, the Framing Station is used to teach students the steps taken to frame and mat a work of art.  The popularity of this area tends to grow in the weeks leading up to a show.

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The Tiny Wall

The Arc of The Arts Instructors have created The Tiny Wall, a space that displays 8 different mediums featuring the same subject; Sharon’s bulldog Tiny!

The Tiny Wall has become a useful tool for planning and critiques.  Clients can approach the space to look at some of the options to choose from before starting a piece.  The wall is also referenced during critiques and when discussing mediums used in each client’s piece of the day.

Tiny Wall

Visual Vocabulary Wall

This section of our wall is used to showcase student work to visually represent vocabulary words.  The artwork is switched out regularly for different examples of terms used in lessons and instructor feedback.

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Learned Lessons

Strong examples from past lessons are displayed on the supply closet doors.  Each door represents a different lesson unit and the variety of ways the students accomplished the guidelines.  Behind each door are a majority of the art supplies available to students.

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Art Library

Consisting of a variety of print including magazines, art history, art genres, famous artists and how-to manuals, our library provides a wealth of knowledge to the artists as well as good references for drawing, painting, collage, or just sparking imagination.

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4 thoughts on “Studio & Gallery

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  3. Beautiful place for some wonderful people to blossom and encounter joy. Boy it makes me smile to see all this bounty.
    babs davis

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